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The romance of the Cosmos

The celestial realm is doing a waltz
Debris rocks with firefly tails
Are a part of this romance of the cosmos
While spirals of light and gasses are moving
Through an endless expansive universe

Down on one of the rotating rocks
Are a life force of ingenuity
Breathing atoms of purpose
But flesh and bone of pride at times

They wonder if there is other life
They send satellites and robots to assess
But what they are forgetting
Is the One Being who is always there

He has been there before eons began
He watches from afar
But He looks deeply into each heart
Inspecting each motivation and loving act

He has us in His ancient hands
And on His never ending thoughts
So is there life on other planets?
There is more activity than we could ever believe


Β© Carly Wiggins 2018

Carly Wiggins is a young adult from Texas. She loves creative fiction writing but her first love was poetry. When she discovered poetry her world grew into so much more. She found an outlet to express her anxiety and let others gain insight from her unique perspective on the world. Her life experiences and faith also play a major role in her poetry.

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