Utterance’s of hope

At times dreams can seem- a bit crude
I’ve seemed to have lived mostly lost
Being adrift, while accepting, unfound
Barely acclimating to my environment
Betwixt gasp and grasp of my own exhales
Living a modicum life of just, temporary
And there come those days, too erratic
It happens, I’m feeling a bit out of place
Akin whirls of winds, in too long of visits
Sometimes at night or in passing storms
I’m uniquely prodded- completely moved
Then, and unexpectedly without notice
The universe changes, without question
So much so, I miss you more than ever
Deep to my own core- my own existence
And yet, I know well we still haven’t met
And yet again, this void- always present
Often, I ask myself how this could be?
And just as often I’m left, perplexed
It’s possible I’m wrong or simply crazy
But my innate feelings- are too real
My unyielding understanding, to alive
My heart, too strong to pretend otherwise
Somehow, some esoteric way, I just know
Dwelling inside all I am, touch, and see to be
You exist, you live, you breathe and believe
Waiting and trusting to find, to love…me

My moniker is Poet of the Light. I’m an average man living in America with experiences in love, life, dreams and loss.  Poetry in its own unique way like a lover, has taught me to let my heartfelt whispers go free and find their own home.  Some of those whispers are now slowing being released on my page @ poetofthelight.com

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1 thought on “Utterance’s of hope

  1. I loved your description..Betwist gasp and grasp of my own exhales…

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