Wait Lady, wait

Hotty hotty Sunrise
I sat near the window twice!
wine or tea
what should I take?


full sunshine
Astonishing wine, I swigged
sip by sip
Dreamy lady
reached to me
with a bucket of floating apples
apple bobbing
by winking
eyes to eyes
she said, “time to go back”!

O my mind and heart
singing together as if
harvesting a new era of love feather

Wait lady wait!
Wait lady wait!

knocking my mind fulltime
we will rock n roll, O lady!
we will dine and will enjoy wine!

But if you will go…
my nerves will unrest
I said again!

Wait lady wait!
Wait lady wait!

Don’t test my heart!O Lady!
I bet! I can’t rest without You!

And a time
twisted to evening

alone coffee, I took!
Looking rising moon
wishing to meet her soon!
one more time
I told Fullmoon
I bet, If I will meet her again
I will not let her go away

Bring Bring Bring!

Bring my heart
O moon
Listen to me soon

At night
wow! I see I see!
I see a four leaf clover in her hand
she came back with ample love
my mind bonfire!
like millions of molecules
dancing my heart…
Like a chirping beauty
she kissed me

Dancing begins
with one stroke
‘rock n roll’
while dancing

I said
I can’t wait!
She said
She can’t wait too!
I said
Don’t go anywhere!
cyclones in my heart said

Wait lady wait!
Wait lady wait!


Ravindra Kumar Nayak (1990- till today) was born at Jodhpur( Rajasthan) in India. His native hails from Bihar. He is a philosopher, a social thinker, an Engineer, and a dreamer. Mainly thrilled with nature and respect love and beauty. He loves to explore the world of possibilities and also like to adventure very untrodden imaginations! He loves writing poems!!! Some of his works published in the porcupine magazine, Banta91 and Pepperoni Pizza Poetry Anthology, Durre’s Secret magazine and many more. Visit to see more works in http://dswmagazinepk.simplesite.com

If you would like to have your work published in The Poetry Bar send your poem, a few words about yourself and the link to your blog to the e-mail poetrybar1@gmail.com

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  1. Lucid yet brilliant

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