Poem #67

She just sat there and
smoked her cigarette
There’s a heavy crown
on her head but she refuses
to take it off for any man.
He was across the room and
her heart was jumping right
out of her chest. She wanted
to drop everything, walk to his
table and tell him how much he
means to her, how much he hurt
her, how much she misses him.
She wanted to feel his arms around
her waist again. She was confused,
on some level even ashamed of how
she felt so she just sat there and
smoked her cigarette.
There’s a heavy crown on her head
but she refuses to take it off for any man.

10 thoughts on “Poem #67

  1. Like I once told my daughter….get a good dog instead of a new boy friend! 🙂

    1. That’s some great advice 😁

  2. Great imagery you managed to paint. I can quite feel the mood and atmosphere of the room

  3. Oh, how I would’ve abdicated my prides crown for a woman of such strength and save her any embarrassment of her hearts truth. Is that not how all queens of our hearts should be treated and loved? How cruel destiny has placed me in the wrong geography. I would’ve had him- the fool fuming from all the public attention I was bestowing on her neck, waist and lips, even if she loved me not, the fun along would be worth…such royal memories ; ))

    1. Beautiful verse so well crafted. Anand Bose from Kerala

  4. Nice Luna, that inner struggle the girl faces

  5. heavy lies the crown

  6. …slander to him, give him a left jaw, lift his chin with a firm hand, kiss his lips and leave a drip….he can’t resist you anymore…

  7. Love can, and often does torment us. Wonderfully written! Thank you.

    1. Thank you for commenting! 😀

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