Too Much To Be Enough

You are not a raincloud don’t cry
You are not a star don’t burn
You are not the words you speak about yourself
You are not a river that twists and turns
So don’t flow with your own path
Follow the pebble paved road laid at your feet.
Follow the smoke leading from the fire they set before your birth.
You are not clay
So do not mould yourself into the devil
For that is all they see
When you are not the same.
An angel flies too high
And is mistaken for the fire.
The rain clouds cry
And the snow coated wings
Of your flawless creation
Melt into the flame
Burning through the devil they call you.
You can not walk with two feet
So you fly with your hope in the air.
You can not sleep with your eyes closed
So you dream with your thoughts everywhere.
You are not what we want you to be.
You are not what we need you to be.
We need a word
And you are a bloody phrase.
You are too much
Too much for sanity to take.
So the bridges break
Leaving you stranded.
Stranded in the blackness of the night.
Stranded in the absence of light.
For they stripped you of your wings
And told you to learn to walk.
But you swam in the darkness
Refusing to mould yourself
Into normality.
Refusing to hold back the sea inside your eyes.
And now you are stranded
The island of desperation mocks you
Floating on your little wooden boat
Moulding yourself
Into a fish.
Evolving from a dog
Who works his way passed freedom
Who snarls in the face of adversity
Who hunts the need for normality.
Now you are a fish
Swimming passed an island of desperation
As it mocks you
For being
Too much.

I am The Silent Echo. I am an anonymous aspiring poet and I’d really appreciate it if you would follow and share my blog. I would be one step closer to my dream coming true.
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1 thought on “Too Much To Be Enough

  1. I love the idea you put forth, weaving from rainclouds to the fish that is born of evolution but it’s us, fleeing who we really are for who we want to be. But sometimes, that dream is valid because we are too much when we can be anything we want.

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