A Brilliant Actor

A brilliant actor I am,
For people believe my outer seeming.
O how smooth and shiny I appear
When first they behold me coming.
A face always gay,
That smile seems to stay,
A favor I always pay.
But never- they,
Feel how I am hollow from inside.
Darkness, shadows and mists
Beneath each other lay.
A lone shadow inside me,
Wants to break free,
That one beyond the tree
From which my downfall barks.
Then the same question that
Lingers in my mind, flashes again:
When will you reveal ?
The whole nature of you, the real
It’s one of your rights
From people you should STEAL,
A sight of pity, a warm hug to heal
The shatters and ashes that form you.
Enough of acting you poor thing!
Hope’s behind the door, ding ding!
My name is Omar and I am from Egypt. I write poems and I have a blog on WordPress called “Poetry Revival”
Link of my Blog :https://poetry19391704.wordpress.com
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4 thoughts on “A Brilliant Actor

  1. The “brilliant actor” is easily the deceiver, but could be in a pleasant way. In deceiving their own deception, they conquer what had been killing them through cunning.

  2. I used it for describing what we all do as people for hiding what we suffer from.

    1. People run from their past all the time, and try to escape it, but the past always catches up with you. No one can simply “move on” from their troubles, without facing them and coming to terms with whatever trauma was caused.

  3. That’s why there’s what you can regard as the “volta”, although it’s not a sonnet, in the last two lines.

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