Rainbows and Predators


Words circling my mind, like the swirling,
twirling colours of a gymnasts’ ribbon.
Their rhythmic flutter brushing my mind gently,
like the hair pushed back from my neck by a kiss.

A selection of focused clarities, like emotions
in fluid motion, waiting to pour from my soul
in a tumble of happiness.



Words stalking my mind, like the grey,
focused eyes of a hungry predator.
Their gelatinous evil bodies,
creeping their way to my depths,
like cans of worms given freedom.

A selection of diffuse disdain,
like the reckless abandon of road rage,
unleashed on my sunken, unwitting, soul.

I write anonymously. Poetry is new for me… and rescued a need for a creative outlet.  I lost most of the use of my left hand about a year ago, and still grieve no longer being able to play musical instruments.
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