Humanpigs in their Folly

It concerns me not – the pain
For I have danced a masque of deaths
With devil’s lot – I’ve lain
‘Tis unknown which of the Macbeths
I most resemble
From the play
From this ensemble of dismay
That we call living – when it’s not
It’s more an improperly tied knot
Of misperceptions – misconceptions!
About both young and old complexions
And what entails – what assails!
The human-pig living contraptions
In their folly

Oh shit – golly!
The sheer intensity of melancholy!
I swear it makes the Earth go round
Whenever she feels like she’s just a rock
For us to hound and run aground
Until the next tick of the clock
And gears are grinding – fears are rising!
About the ultimate fate of the universe
Over a little thing – so small
Situation’s not adverse at all
It’s humanpig lives we’ve forsaken
And those that still live to partake in
The celebration of the suffering
Soup is boiling – blood is sputtering
O’er the asphalts – of belligerence!

Was it my fault?
That silly humanpigs in their ignorance
Played their game of regicides
Whilst I watched – bemused – a pain that resides
Inside our genes – a revelation to uncover!
We humanpigs are just machines – and ’tis much better not to bother!


Lucy Fars: absent-minded author of short stories, pretentious poetess and scenery-chewing eccentric recluse. My prose oscillates between the extremes of incomprehensibly over-elaborate extravagance and that ramble-y manner in which people think and talk, and usually deals with the internal struggles of its characters; my poetry leans on both the technical and experimental and tries to foster a sense of dark intimacy. I hope it works. You can find my worthless work through the link:

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4 thoughts on “Humanpigs in their Folly

  1. Sorry i made such a silly short comment, but it fits what i wanted to say after reading your poem.

    Lately, i should explain, i wrote quite a lot of comments which couldn’t be send for some odd reason… so i decided not to waste time anymore before i am sure the person behind the blog post is actually able to get my message. Anyways gotto go im reading back in your older posts/poems.


    1. Well I agree that the poem is great but it’s not mine. It was written by Lucy, you can find the link to her blog at the bottom of the post.
      This work is a part of the project I am doing called The Poetry Bar where I publish works from other authors so that they could gain more exposure.
      You can find my work under the category Poems, most of my poems are numbered and don’t have a title so that new viewers can differ them from the ones published in The Poetry Bar. Make sure to send some work for The Poetry Bar yourself!

      Sending love and positive vibes,

      1. LOL thanks for the heads-up… i just noticed it and went to her website… plenty of reading to do for me tonight before i fall asleep. Thanks for this Bar… its cool!

        Terence a.k.a. iCQ

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