I feel like we try so hard for people to like us,
We take our knives and carve our faces
In the shape of the people we hate the most for their beauty
In order for the ones we love to accept us.
It doesn’t seem to work though.
You can’t make the perfect reflection,
We end up being fake people
Who never wanted to grow up to be,
Instead of that, I am gonna take a paintbrush
And mix colours noone has ever seen before,
Paint my body with the colours of my soul
And make it as me as possible.
It takes less pain to simply be yourself
Than to try and be someone you are not

I usually write about mental health on my blog but I also have some great poems there. I really hope that the articles and the poetry I write touches someone’s heart because we all feel kinda sad and lost sometimes but there is always a way to turn things around.
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4 thoughts on “Fake

  1. So thought provoking x

  2. I just wish for people to like themselves! It’s OK to be yourself!
    Beautiful post!!

  3. Nice one! We should all let our true colours show 😊

  4. I can’t say how close to him this feels and so true. If one doesn’t really love you for who you are then we are short changing our own self, more than anything! Being real is hard and beautiful! Thank you so much

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