Variety: The Spice of Life

See the blend of beauty
Colours come together
Knowing each their duty

Is to lend a feather

Golden, sunny yellow
Adoring sky-ing blue
Warm, soft and mellow

Wrapped in greenish hue

Royal, elegant beige
Blending to a tan
In awe of you, my liege

My towering 6ft stand

Such sweet assortment
One million visuals
Bits of the ingredients

Of grandeur and special

Like Colours we all can
Come together as one
Lending a helping hand

Great obstacles overcome

Variety – the spice of life
Lesson learned today
Together facing strife
We’ll triumph everyday

©Saddam Ninhor.

Bio: My name is Saddam Ninhor. I’m a Nigerian, a lover of soul, country and pop music and poetry. I dabble when I can. I believe poetry is the best form of expression because a line can kindle a million thoughts and emotions.
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