Tender Rain

I look into your eyes and I see a gracious light.
The sky’s awake while we make it through the day.
You will protect me with all that you have.
I’ll never shed a tear as long as you’re in my heart.

Oh what a joyous time.

It’s a tender rain!
This song was made just for you.
It’ll wash away the pain.
Even in your darkest days, I will be your light.
These words of mine are just for you.
Singing in the rain, there’s a single drop of hope.
Look to the sky and you’ll see that it’s shining.
I will always be there when you feel scared.
You realize that this world is beautiful.
Please come o tender rain.
– Casey Jarrell

My name is Casey Jarrell. I am 24. I like to write poems and songs. I have been writing ever since 8th grade. I have been trying to get more publicity for my poems for my poems for about four years and when I started using WordPress, I found about the Poetry Bar from Luna. Here is the link of my blog:

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Luna if you received my Email of my latest poem/song, I’d forgotten to yet again put blog’s link, except this one is my Starry Night blog. By the way it’s called Thank You Friends.

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