Really Love

Don’t numb out your feelings
Keep them on alert
Let love make you happy
And its opposite hurt

Let it make you angry
When some just don’t care
Rewarding all your loving gifts
With a superior air

Let yourself be outraged
The way we treat each other by
Don’t let a friend continue
Inner schisms to deny

Forget that overused adage
On not taking it pers’nally
Oh, take it, brother, sister
As pers’nal as can ever be!

True love is not in face of its
Opposite number all serene
Or thrown out of the Temple
Money changers never been

Yes, it’ll get you trouble
Yes, they will point and shout
Yes, they will self accuse you
Before they throw you out

Of having been the cause
Of your own dismal destiny
Don’t let mockery make you, friend
As one of them to be

They cannot understand
Why you won’t bargain up your soul
To keep your body housed
And stomach respectably full

In eyes of those around you
Whom should secretly despise
To whom should just as soon as truth
Be telling clever lies

Or gossiping about to others
Early, long and late
Talkin’ ’bout those folks whom should
So dearly love to hate

Slogging from the crabby bed
Past the programming TV
To show up at the workplace
In whatever latest fashion be

Ignoring the potentials
In all of human history
To manifest one narrow band
Of possibility

All robotlike together
Nor tolerate the one
Might have exposed a little less
Or more skin to the sun

Or covered or uncovered head
Wore this color or that —
Folks, I was eight years old
Last time we thought that’s where it’s at!…

Don’t listen when they tell you,
My deeply feeling friend
That you your truly loving method
Any small wise need amend

Do not with jaded cynicism
Fashionable flirt
Put back your heart upon your sleeve
And really love — get hurt!

Written by Ana Daksina

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4 thoughts on “Really Love

  1. Ana it’s been so long. Your voice is wonderful. Yes, I’ve been swept up and swept along. I don’t know how to deal with meanness. Doing the best with what I am. Thanks.

  2. Well done…lovely pieces tied up into one perfect piece

  3. Very thoughtful piece. Indeed, it’s important not to let life and its experiences make us numb and cold.

  4. Beautifully and powerfully said. If only it were that easy.

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