Paper Heart

I draw a picture,
That matched her lovely heart
And I handed her the drawing
Since it was me from the start.

And I stood there with a smile
That slowly turned to pain
As you ripped my paper heart in half
Without trying to explain.

And you walked away for a while,
And I believed it to be a mistake,
For the love of my life would never
Leave my paper heart to break.

Yet somehow you did it to me
And tears fell down from my eyes
And as I looked into the mirror
I found myself hard to recognize.

So this time, I dropped the pencil
And this time I grabbed a knife
And I sat you down and made you watch
As I began to take my life.

I looked back on my broken heart
As tears washed away the ink,
Redeeming myself at last of the chance
To die the way we think.

Just looking at your hoping smile
My body began to shake
I said out loud, in a dying whisper,
“Here’s a heart you can’t break”.

Written by Aman from

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