She was a sinner
in her own eyes.
She felt just the heavy
ball and chain of guilt
as she played
and God did not play along
but watched on.
Oh, what a judgemental creation!
But he was not her god
free now
from that burden
she looks upon herself
and says:
“I am free.”


Harry Lowther holds a Master’s Degree from the University of Glasgow in Literature, Theory & Culture, but that’s the least of his problems. Follow him on Instagram for links to more of his prose, poetry, artwork and photos of his cat:

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4 thoughts on “Sin

  1. Good stuff. Very very nicely put. What fools we are as a species to have burdened ourselves with such outdated and foolish superstitions. I very much like the poem.
    Take a look at this nutcase:
    I should not have engaged with the fellow.
    But you know, there are aspects of religion I find beautiful and helpful. Its god I can do without. Except in a purely pantheistic sense.

  2. I love this too. It speaks deeply to me. 😌

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