Great Eldoret

You’ve probably been to towns,
Or towns within,
Colorful towns,
Clean towns,
Green towns,
But then Eldoret,
Stand outs,
Great Eldoret,
Cradle of long distance running,
Eldoret brews Mursik,
Eldoret unites races,
Unites tribes,
Great Eldoret,
Wakes late,
And walks fast,
Great Eldoret
Serves traditional cuisines,
Burning hot Ugali of the west side,
Deep fried fish,
Made of the lake side,
Creamed manangu sell well with chapati,
Eldoret does party,
To late night,
While stars shine bright,
Eldoret is scenic,
Running town,
Less rioters,
Downtown glitters,
Uptown is safe,
Banks save,
Businesses flourish,
Side paths lead you home,
Kenyan Rome,
Great Eldoret,
Grow fast,
Fast unlike the past,
Less land grabbers,
Great Eldoret,
Serves refined wine,
Grows tall pine,

I’m Kiptoo Obadiah,Kenyan from cradle of long distance running Kaptagat. I love reggae and soccer.
Poetry is life itself can’t stop writing pieces on life experiences..
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3 thoughts on “Great Eldoret

  1. This is so great..

  2. Thank you. Luna. Unite art!!!
    So much love…

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    Visit the newest Kenyan city …Great Eldoret

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