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The Mighty Wall

You often love the wild,
For it seems to be a little child,

Who is soft and gently mild.

But, did you even wish to know,
What we reap is what we sow,
So, think before you grow,

Feeding ourselves, also the crow.

This life seems like war,
But, you cannot fight it far,
So, how do you open life ajar?

Simply, by not fighting the tar.

Yes, you heard it right,
Often staying calm, you win the fight,
You let loose, as you grow tight,
A love unbound, a warm light.

It shows the way to all,
They err, before they fall,
To unfathomable heights, the tall
go down, ignoring the loud call.

You stay and you live life,
Because your home is below the cliff,
Guiding them all, through their strife,

Humbly, sweetly, lovingly, softly, silently,
As they fall down in the abyss floating crazily,
Hovering, wavering, seeping, creeping,
Through the mighty wall.

I don’t know if it’s essential but it goes like this, poetry and painting is something I have done since I was a kid, only to be working in the recent times for something else which does not interest me mostly. Thus, as I quit, I once again had a desire to write a few more.

A wanderer and wandering soul as it has not found a home yet. Blog:

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