Birth and Death

Birth and Death
Are the bookends of our life
Beginning and end,
Life and Death,
new and worn,
young and old.
As we live our lives
We encounter duality
at every stage
It affect us, inspires us,
and shapes us into the
people we are
To think to much
about death is deemed morbid
Our culture is
devoted to perpetuating
the myth that we can
stay young and vital
Being aware of death
my encourage is to
live a good, meaningful,
and virtuos life.
Rather than
chasing after non essential
causes and getting upset
Over minor matters .
Death is not the ending
It’s a wake up call
to profound your
explanation for livin’.

Written by Ama Kumar:

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2 thoughts on “Birth and Death

  1. True. Actually, thinking about death the right way makes you mature and wiser. Your life is not meant to be wasted.

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