To GOD, I’m sorry.
For having sex before I marry,
For sinning without a query,
Listening to songs not to your glory,
I apologize, I’m sorry.
Your unending love is not just a story.
It is an inexplicable theory!
Oh! How Dearie

Dad, I know,
I’m very much aware Babbo,
That I was the black sheep, in a row.
On Fridays, I went to party and tango.
With Linda, Lisa and Antonio.
Against your wish Dad, I’m below.
Too much wine and weed in Tokyo.
I regret how I wasted my dough!

Mum I was your hero.
Remember at the bistro?
When you gifted me that Spanish bolero?
And asked whether I wanted to be an inginiero?
I said, I wanted to be a maestro.
But I became a thief and not a pro.
Ended up being worse than useless and a zero.
Am penitent that I’m no longer your superhero.

I apologize Uncle,
I broke your ankle!
Because of me, you walk at an angle.
I wish I had avoided that squabble.
We need to talk, will you kindly call?
I have nothing; no account to juggle.
Not even a trundle
I’m floating like a bubble!

To my former friends,
I’m sorry. I returned to Parklands.
When I got money in garlands,
I left you and moved to my Dreamlands.
But he who climbs always ascends.
I accede to your demands for my appeasements.
Help me make a mince and heal my wounds.
Just requests, not demands.

– Jamin Clement

I’m Jamin Clement, a university student and a Writer as well. I love writing and reading in equal measurements. I started  writing back in High School when I was fourteen years old. I started with short poems but now I major in both: poems and short stories. Writing is  something I do on a daily basis and as such, I have an overdraft of my upcoming anthology of short stories which is yet to be published because of financial difficulties but I hope to get over that soon.

Here is a link to my website:

If you would like to have your work published in The Poetry Bar send your poem, a few words about yourself and the link to your blog and Instagram account (if you have one) to the e-mail 

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