Painted Heart

I’ve been thinking of a painting
That I’ve created in my mind
It’s a painting of something special
For which colors are hard to find
I’ve searched all over
Even the rainbow that leads to the gold
In hope of finding those special colors
For my canvas to hold

I know this painting would turn out right
If I had those colors to start
Special colors full of emotions
From which I could paint from my heart
I’m not really a painter
Just a person with an empty palette of dreams
Someone searching for the color of love
And searching forever as it seems

There’s a masterpiece in my heart
Which my canvas will soon acquire
And with every brush stroke that I’d make
It soon would be ready to admire
Where is that special color
That I need so very much
To add to my palette
And give my painting its one final touch

This vision I have in my mind
Is really a painting of you
There’s no need for rainbows
Only feelings that I know are true
I believe with all my heart
That love is any color you want it to be
For a masterpiece painted with love
Can be very special, for you and for me.

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3 thoughts on “Painted Heart

  1. Lovely poem…colourful

  2. Bravo! Very well done.

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