I Was Blind, But Now I See

I was blind
I say again I was blind
But now I see.

I lived in a world were…
We would see the front cover
But never the whole story
Only getting half of the truth

When I met you everything changed
I listened to your story
As you spoke, I felt your pain
And my heart for a moment

Broke with yours.
How could they? How can someone
Do that? Why would they?
A Million questions raised in my mind.

My heart boiled with hatred
Against them, my heart burning
For justice. I try to make sense of it
But it has no sense, it just insanity.

All I could give this perfect stranger
Was words of comfort, love
And hope

Love that was not mine
Hope from all high
I gave her the Love of Christ
I gave her greater hope
In a better tomorrow
I gave what I had,
I gave her Christ.

I was blind
But now I see.

My name is kindness shikwambana, I was born and raised in South Africa. If i had one word to describe myself it woud be kind, that pretty sums it up. I have love food, my friends can testify on that believe me. One of the things I most love doing is meeting new people even though im pretty shy at times. Getting to hear, learn and building friendships. One of my highest value is family.
The name of my blog is Anatomy of Truth: www.anatomytruth.com

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3 thoughts on “I Was Blind, But Now I See

  1. So beautiful and inspiring

  2. This moved me deeply, incredibly beautiful–and to offer Christ is to give the greatest gift of all. God bless you.

  3. Thank you for sharing my sharing my words to the world @luna

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