Meditation (Safe Harbor)

I thought it would be different
Peace and stillness, perhaps
Buoyant rest on polished velvet

Instead, the quiet tideline beckons
Foretelling the pendulum of crescent surf
Of storms and variegated skies

Pause, notice

The sound of stillness in motion
Vibrating stars on a summer night
Waves against the rocky shore

Then the whispered reminder:
You are the boat and the water
Sanctum and sea

My name is Amanda Reilly Sayer. My creative expression is fairly diverse – I enjoy poetry, photography, and painting. Within the variety of media, I think there is a consistent thread which ultimately examines and encourages personal and artistic growth. The engagement with different art forms keeps me interested and in evolution. I hope my efforts will be meaningful for you too.
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4 thoughts on “Meditation (Safe Harbor)

  1. Wow love the line “vibrating stars on a summer night”

  2. Beautiful post 🌹

  3. Sanctum and sea <3

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