Never forget the road that leads you home

Never spend your whole lifetime in your home town
You’ll never grow to your highest potential in the comfort of familiar faces,
Help comes not from known faces but strange ones
Grab your bags
Pack your rags
Migrate to the furthest of mountains
There are many of them, in countless horizons but if you can, keep walking, explore them all.

“induku enhle iganyulwa ezizweni”
(A good wife is found in foreign lands)
In their vastness, seek in all
In their abundance, shapes and sizes you’ll see them all.
Diverse in character and personalities you’ll experience it all.
But find the one that your heart adores, settle and stop the boy’s chase because you’ll never love them all.

Ride to the furthest of lands where houses are of mud, steel and glass
Standing as high as the Kilimanjaro
As mighty as a new Jerusalem
As sparkle as the heavens
Where people live on the clouds next to the moon.
Where night and day are just as bright
Honey and milk are plenty
So do money and greed

Take a taxi
Board the longest train
Fly the emirates
Sail in titanic’s cousins
Experience all cultures in their diversity
Survive tribalism and racism
Grow a thick skin sometimes the world is an ugly place.
Let your tongue be soft and twist in many ways, you never know whom you’ll befriend.
Live and learn
Pass the lessons and the recipes
Find their secrets, climb the social and economic staircase.

While cherishing the merriments of the world
feeding in the world’s delicacies
Drinking the finest of wine
sleeping on the fluffiest of beds
Waking up to the prettiest of faces
And sweetest of coffee aroma filled good mornings
Don’t forget the way that leads you home
After all have been seen and done
When the world has drained you
When there is nothing more to see
When misery attacks
And solitude builds camp
There is no place like the one where the brown teeth smiles look familiar,
Where the old walls and a cock’s roost are a cliche
A place where the Graves have names you’ve called a thousand times
A place where the door mate is written home
In mismatching letters.

Never forget your way home son
Never forget your way home

Hie  l am Nigel Ndlovu from Zimbabwe a country in southern Africa. I am a poetry writer and electrical engineer by profession. Poetry has always been my passion. In my free time am either writing poetry or reading oh well and scrolling through my phone cant beat that habit either. This poem am about to post has an African theme but am hoping even people from other continents will relate.

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4 thoughts on “Never forget the road that leads you home

  1. Im totally speechless. This is gonna be my favourite poem for life.
    I’ve been searching my favourite poem and this is it.

  2. I like this so much! I’m still young and far from home, enjoying life, enjoying problems now and then! And of course, one day, I’ll look behind and come back.

  3. NoblemanWarrior March 10, 2019 — 11:49 pm


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