Forbidden thoughts

I see my father’s face wrecked, spilling red, When the gas tanker hit it
I see my mother, slipping from the road,
& her violet scooty graving her inside the ground
I see my sister in her grey & white school uniform, grabbed by black masks.
Not in dreams but when I’m awake with my eyes
Open or close. But I’m awake.
As awake as I am I want to get rid of unwanted thoughts and this place.
Steal some from the atm and run away to
Some place I’d been before but couldn’t be myself
Cause i wasn’t alone.
You know family and friends.

Maybe I’d wanna run away cause it’s boring,
In here everybody wants to be different
Ponds pretending to be lakes
While lakes are just invisible.

& I don’t want to think all these but my brain thinks them anyway


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A plain, simple, normal girl trying to find the meaning behind everything that happens and of course that’s life. I have zero idea about life. Specially my life. I’m breathing, living, studying, scoring decent marks, frightened of pretty little things and all , overall living my life, just like everyone else,  but without knowing it’s purpose. I would want to know from people what life means to them.

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