In a moon’s dimmed light

She can act and not live a lie
After all the times- he pretended
And left her heart without a good bye
As if she was a dark cloud, passing by

Now she’s been broken
Inside and out, in all the wrong ways
By believing someone foolish
Whenever they spoke loving lies
Someone who didn’t feel her love
Or see the truth in her eyes
So when she holds you close
And you feel her heart beat- alive
Don’t take it to hard when she cold
But- she’s being lonely with you
And I can help but wish I was you- today

If only, I wore your pretty face
If only, my eyes sported your colors
She’d look at me, deeply in my eyes
And like her, I could pretend a bit better
Every time she held my body closer
That maybe, just maybe- some day
She’d stop acting, when she touches me
And stop feeling lonely…in my arms

Poet of the Light © 2019


My moniker is Poet of the Light. I’m an average man living in America with experiences in love, life, dreams and loss.  Poetry in its own unique way like a lover, has taught me to let my heartfelt whispers go free and find their own home.  Some of those whispers are now slowing being released on my page @

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  1. Your words❤️

    1. I meant the poet’s.

      1. Thank you most kindly my friend.

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