Poem #107

Midnight and I’m drunk. Found my peace
in a bottle, looking at the bottom of the cup.
My mind is empty; I’ve wasted all of my
thoughts on you, on us.

Midnight and I’m drunk. I don’t want to
leave this bar. I’ll just pretend that somewhere
in this cigarette fog I’ll find your eyes and they’ll
still have the same shine.

Midnight and I’m drunk wandering the streets
of my empty town. Crossing through red lights and
I don’t care what happens now, just come and
puzzle in the broken pieces you left behind.

Midnight and I’m drunk. Forgive me for all the
messages but you know how I get when the wine
has a hold of me. Could you give me a sign or just
tell me where do I go from now?

Midnight and I’m drunk. The traffic light is blinding my
tired eyes. The only thing I hear is a train that you
used to take home after spending the evening
by my side.

Midnight and I’m drunk catching the last bus
home so I could stare at the bracelet you gave me
the last time you were mine. I’m waiting for daylight
to bring soberness and stop me from running to the past.
Where are your hands to carry me to bed tonight at midnight?

4 thoughts on “Poem #107

  1. I don’t like alcohol and cigarettes! I support this poem only as your poetry!

  2. So sad…

  3. First one of your poems that I’m reading….. And i like it!

  4. I do understand this poem. I made a few midnight calls. I liked the feel and the deep thoughts shared dear Luna. The drink make us brave and want to hear kind and sweet voices. A wonderful poem.

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