Tribulations of Isolated Souls

Oh! the tribulations of the isolated.
Uncertainty their bitter daily bread
Hope, the only ally left for them
Evenings approaches with regrets
With uncertainty breeding the unexpected

Order parts magically
As darker and darker it gets
Chocking hope with fear and despair
Guns ricochet right,left and center
Giving no time to catch a nap

Whiling for the uncertain
Hearts thumb hard and nerves respond
To the same tune, “fear for the Dear”
Innocent souls bleeding fear and despair
To this wicked moment of panic and regrets

With hope of a one chance
All keep calm and wait
Thinking about the next step
Which by virtue of belief
Will offer solutions to all tribulations

All happy to hear now
As down finally come
When cocks begin to Crow
Pregnant with hope they rise
Prepared for resilience

This is Henry Deddyx , I’m a writer, poet and a YouTuber from Kenya. I enjoy reading , watching movies and writing. In my quest to motivate , improve self-esteem while entertaining people, i started blogging on WordPress . I’m confident my work will IMPRESS DURABLY .


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