A Broken Knight

I rode into the forest thinking I’ll save a damsel in distress,
Prepared I was, I thought, for anything out there in the wilderness,
From as small as having cuts on my body from the branches of the trees,
I endured everything else horrible the grove could throw at me to bring me to my knees,
Then when I got lost in the maze of the thicket,
I started losing hope and thought life to be wicked,
But air brought to me a girl’s voice that guided me to safety,
I was mesmerized by her voice and, when I saw her, her beauty,
Her hair was blonde, skin fair and eyes blue,
She stood there looking out of the only window of a tower on top of which a flag flew,
I stood behind the trees and watched her talk to people who passed by,
Till I went up to the foot of the tower and, to her, said hi,
She talked to me as she would to anyone else she met,
But every word she spoke and every smile she gave took away my breath,
I asked if she would ever consider me deserving of her,
She said she had responsibilities, that she had to attend to, so I would have to wait for her,
Since she said she loved me but she didn’t have time for me yet,
I kept going back to tower to talk to her and give her whatever I could get,
She thanked me profusely for all that I had given,
That I had been someone who was gifted to her by heaven,
I thought my unconditional love would relieve her of the pain and agony that she always seemed to convey,
So I sold my horse to buy a rope strong enough for her, eventual, escape,
I thought I had found myself, in her, a wife and a willow,
Until that day, and for many days after, I was greeted by a closed window,
Little did I know that she had family that didn’t need help in that tower so high,
That she had a man that she already loved and I wouldn’t have her as much as I tried,
She faked the love and the smiles to get what she wanted,
I was just some other guy who got played and discarded,
I, the knight, had rode into the forest thinking that I will save a damsel in distress,
Little did I know that, at the end, I would be the one who needs saving and somebody’s largesse.

Hi! I am Jayaram. I reside in Chicago. Currently, working on myself, trying to fix what’s broken in me through writing. Movies, a bit of sports and software programming keep me alive. You can visit my blog at  https://jayaramguda.wordpress.com

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