L’amour Est Un Oiseau Rebelle

I picture pews all around us
as a spotlight of soft golden light shines on him,
illuminating the bright, rich ringlets of hair
that frame his magnificent eyes.

I hear a chorus of holy hymns
so touching and divine
they could only have been composed by the holy one himself.

Can you hear it?

It intensifies as my eyes trace over every inch of his marble-perfect features.
The sound gradually builds up until it is a deafening echo in my ears.

My soul screams in ecstasy
My heart burns with passion
beating faster
with every divine detail of his face
that I take in
My entire body warms up
as blood races through my veins,
the aftermath of my rapid heartbeat.

He radiates a light so blinding
it’s as if he is standing directly in front of the sun
after stepping right out of heaven

I do not lust after him
I do not love him

I worship him.

I wish to throw myself at his feet
praying he will have mercy on me
and outstretch his radiant hand to me

So I may take his hand
and kiss the shining ring on his finger
like the heavenly king that he is.

 My name is Karen. I do not consider myself a poet but I do have a lot of words taking up space in my head that need to be let out. I encourage you to check this poem out on my blog because there is art and music accompanying it.

My blog is: https://onestarthoughts.wordpress.com/

and my IG handle is @kolivas005 (https://www.instagram.com/kolivas005/)

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3 thoughts on “L’amour Est Un Oiseau Rebelle

  1. The revelation of angst is evident. Go easy on yourself. You shout loudly …and all your bleats tune to the rich luxury of your thoughts. Anand Bose from Kerala

  2. This poem.

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