The Story of our Souls

I dreamt our souls
were ancient celestial beings
–fused together–
by rhythmic vibrations.
We existed in another realm of living
deep within the
heart of the universe.
We traveled across
the heavens
dancing in the moonlight
so completely connected
that Time
became jealous
of our blissfulness.
He separated us
and gave us life sentences.
We spent our days
roaming the Earth
searching for one another.
The yearning for each other’s beat
drove us mad with
A deficiency
of the most human kind:
a heart that longs to bind
to another’s soul.
In every person that wasn’t you
my soul called out to yours
singing and ringing
our vibration
to bring you closer to me.
The years I’ve spent waiting for you
felt like a penance
for loving you.
The tears I’ve spent wishing it was you
drowned me in loneliness.
The fears that I would never
get to be with you again
crushed my hopefulness.
On the day I thought
I felt your beat stop
–I panicked–
I sent out a beacon of light
in desperate need to find you
Time was playing tricks on us
and speeding up our mortality.
So I closed my eyes
and willed you back to me
with every ember of my being.
I finally found you
just as I was shifting into sleep,
and you whispered:
“Time will come searching for us
no matter where we go.
So look for me here,
in between your dreams and wakeful things.
We’ll live a thousand lifetimes
together in one night.
We’ll dance and dance and dance
in the moonlight.
Our bodies will collide like planets
bound for one another
bursting into
a billion stars
that will brighten
even the darkest of nights.
I am forever yours
and you are forever mine.
Time stands still while we dream and live in between the wakeful things.
He cannot find us here.”
And so
when I know
that I can no longer escape
the need for the beat of you:
I close my eyes.
I let my heart vibrate
and find your being
and begin singing our song.
When you hear me calling for you
–please come–
run away with me
as we fuse together our souls
for all eternity.

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A little about me: I am a hopeless romantic. I love all living things. I can fall in love with the way a tree gently sways in the breeze or the timber of someone’s voice. I love to run and bake cookies. And then eat all the cookies. I live in Minnesota and yes, it is VERY VERY cold here.

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7 thoughts on “The Story of our Souls

  1. Simply beautiful!

  2. Luna..I’ve been reading you for awhile. You are no doubt a total romantic. I hope you have or soon find the vibratory mate you seek. I can relate as I have long ago discovered the value in vibrations. I have had my beautiful mate for 43rd now. And yes we do vibrate together. We met and were married 2 months later. I knew the moment I saw her. Fyi…I loved your writing. What I read of it…I will read more soon. We are in kcmo…btw. I will send you one of my 50 yrs of poems soon.

    1. Thank you so much!

  3. One poem every day that’s going some, that’s dedication: amazing. You have a gift.

  4. Wow you are a sensational writer and I relate to this poem so much! Love love love it!

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