Connect with me

I will walk you through the murky paths,
Prey with you on wild fruits,
I will lead you to cool your feet,
Where water are still,
Wave with you,
At black and white colobus monkeys,
I will crawl with you,
The thorny bushes of the scenery,
I will meander with you to view point,
To enjoy beauties of fast flowering tall trees of the wild,
Let you tease and throw sticks,
At birds of feathers,
To make them fly low and high,
And laugh,
I walk you to deep woods,
Where wildlife dominate the neighborhood,
I’ll lead you to whistling pines,
Let you lie on it’s thin dried leaves,
I will introduce you to my friends,
Little squirrels of the forest,
Introduce you to my aunts,
Mystic colorful turacos,
I will take snaps of you,
Hugging trees,
Loving nature,
I will walk you for hours,
Till your tire your tender to touch
Long and beautiful legs,
I will let you lie on greener pasture,
Let you connect with me to the eternity,
And daydream of a luminous future,
Of green and great earth..

A walk in Kaptagat Forest,Uasin Gishu County,Kenya

Kiptoo aka Obi the Poet  is a 26 year kenyan boy from Eldoret Kenya. My writings are informed of nature,daily life happenings and experiences.
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1 thought on “Connect with me

  1. Wonderful work, I felt myself travelling with the words.

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