Knowing you are under the same sky as I am
I look at the stars and wonder if you are out there too
A streak of lightning lights up the dark night
And a raindrop falls down on my palm as I search for you
Pitter patter, the rain pours
My heart has opened its doors
The clouds above become darker
And my heart beats faster
I think of you as the rain kisses my cheek
A gentle reminder of how you make me weak
Drenched in the drizzle like never before
It’s raining in my heart, a love too strong
You come closer and whisper my name
As the sky above bursts into beautiful flames
Wrapped in your arms and there’s a thunder
You hold me tighter and there’s no wonder
It’s a different feel when we fall in love with the rains
And more different when we fall in love in the rains again

About the author: My name is Swetha Sadanand. I would describe myself as an over-thinking, often crazy, forever weird, coffee-loving, people-hating, ambiverted, bibliophilic writer – who wishes to save the world with her words.

Blog link: https://swethasadanand.wordpress.com/

Instagram profile: https://www.instagram.com/so.by.ss/

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