Valediction to Weeping

Fallen, struck, never do I sleep,
Insomnia eats my brain cells.
Where’er I go I wonder deep
To lakes, gardens and mountains steep
My scattered thoughts which I keep.

Still the journey is dangerous,
Still I cannot lie in peace.
My mental health is treacherous
Panic attacks do not seize.

Yet in those times I always think
About my Family and my Friends
Those who give me food and drink
And make my enormous fear shrink.

I write for all the sufferers,
For all who internally die:
Your true strength, dears, does lie
Inside your priceless hearts.

Always remember that you’re strong
And you will swiftly pass disasters.
Remember that it’s never wrong
To lead your lives like masters!

Omar Ibrahim is an Egyptian poet and translator. He studies English language and literature at the faculty of arts, Alexandria University. He translated a collection of poems named “It’s Time I Confess” by Mahmoud Morsi, and Ibrahim’s first collection will be out this year.


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