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Woman in the Wind

I drift about our empty home
In the silence absence drew.
Nightly room to room I roam
Without hope I call to you.

In search of our love time lost
I am struck with a forlorn will.
It is the beginnings of the winter frost
That quell the flame to chill.

A draught drawn out surrendered
Which beckons me anew.
With the pathway clearly rendered
Compelled, I must pursue.

A window raps a stutter
And gifts safe passage through.
The drapes billow out and flutter
Creating an outline of you.

A woman in the wind it seems
With the caresses of the air.
Now all I have are waking dreams
Of a woman never there.

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Hi. Thanks for sharing such a well penned poem. Particularly liked the second line of verse 1. There are so many great lines as in verse 3 lines 1 and 2. Love the developing imagery throughout the poem. Happy Writing, Have a wonderful day. Goff.

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