Sonnet #4

one day, a mistress not in distress-
in her fine red dress, walked down the road.
to address the man that made her glad-
was robbed by men and left in distress.

she cried out for help, but no ear heard.
the cries of a damsel in distress.
when lesser men robbed her of her dress.
and left her nude in the winter cold.

when the man’s lady came not on time.
he got scared and set out to find her.
but after some time searching, lost hope.
of ever finding his dame alive.

until a sound, crept into his ear.
and led him to her, dressed in her shame.

Lazarus Shatipamba is a wormy bookworm that rarely ever sees the sun(except through the eyes of many a fictional character). His days are mostly spent stuck between the pages of a good book.
When he isn’t busy gathering dust in the library, then he is most likely writing some poetry(some of which may or may not be fictional)
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  1. This is very nice.

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