An evening in Goa

A bunch of Goan boys
on the beach, with a football they toy!

Kicking it high in the air,
they follow it, running like a hare!

The ball is diverted by the strong sea breeze!
Travels through air and out of their reach!

Then it lands right in the sea,
and bobs on the wave, as if in glee!

A few of the boys make a dash,
Hitting the waves with a loud splash!

They race for the ball, wading and running
And try to out-run each other, excitedly shouting.

I sit watching, the evening breeze spread all over me.
From the harbour in the horizon, the ship sails out to sea.

My name is Goutam Dutta. I am based in Kolkata, which is a city in the eastern part of India. I write poems during my spare time and usually post them on facebook as well as on my blog ““.

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4 thoughts on “An evening in Goa

  1. A pleasant and soothing ending!

  2. I love this 🙂

  3. Wonderful work.

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