Fresh daisies
Like strawberry fraises
Lazily rustling
Honeysuckle and gardenia bustling!!
Rich lavender plotting purple hues
Pink hydrangeas stacked loose
The heavenly glossy foliage
Haven of natural perfumes
Lavender florets mooning as lily rampages!!
Peonies gorgeous smell embed
Gardenia creamy lustful scents
It’s sunshine glory overfed!!
Primrose heralding spring
And blossoms that this mid summer brings!!
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My writing is all about the moment and the mood! I encounter many things in a single day and encapsulate in my writing as an experience. Blogging is my passion and nature writing is my muse!! Go on read and let me know, if you can relate to it too with that one moment of your life when you felt its beauty in it’s purest form..;)

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Happy reading n soaking!!

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4 thoughts on “Blossoms

  1. That reads like a beautiful garden where one might easily dream away the day 🙂 🙂

  2. Thank you Luna☺️Reblogged this on freshdaisiesdotme!!

  3. Nicely penned and so beautiful.
    Nature at its best!
    Thank you

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