The Sleep of Angels

Babies breath
Spouted pure
Released and sent adrift

Nightly death
Engulfing vapour
Sweeps into the rift

Mimicry crowds
An age old ploy
Assigning sheep a number

Cotton clouds
Softened with joy
In readiness of slumber

Let rhythm follow
Of images known
Coalesced in tangled streams

Trust in Apollo
The guidance shown
Winged to the gateway of dreams

A Patient lover
God’s grace captured
Vigilant however painful

A Watchful mother
Stares enraptured
At the face of her own angel

Focusing on shorts forms, fiction and poetry.
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4 thoughts on “The Sleep of Angels

  1. Very nice. I remember watching my son sleep when he was a baby.

  2. Thanks. My son was sleeping on my chest as I wrote this poem.

  3. Nice alliteration..babies breath, cotton clouds

    1. Thank you. Feels like some words just want to be together.

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