The Missing Piece

She thought that it was finished,
She thought it was complete,
But the piece that lay within her reach,
That was brand new,
A breech
Of all she had imagined true,
Was telling her of something new

She was surprised to find it,
She was amazed it fit,
But the puzzle changed before her eyes,
It altered all,
Those things she had imagined true,
And told her there was something new.

She knew she could not keep it,
She knew it was not hers,
But the absent piece she hadn’t missed,
Until he came,
A glimpse of something pure and true,
And left her ever changed and new.

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3 thoughts on “The Missing Piece

  1. This reminds me of situations where we believe we know someone and then finally see something that was missed because we had built our own image. Nice writing 🙂

    1. Funny, I interpreted it the same way. That she knew someone but later found out that she was wrong. That she built an image of that person.

    2. That’s a really interesting interpretation – thank you.

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