A Thing of Beauty

She is a thing of
Softened grains,
Pearl clamped
In a scaled shell.

Poet’s muse is
Her only.

Tightly wound
A glimmering thorn.

Envy’s follicles
Never escaping

Mirror drop of
Soft petal sheath,
In awe of
Grace as she is

Sweet surrender
Of rains,
Heaven’s gaze adrift
And never in search
Of Envy.

Peeking out at serenity
Streaming in,
So delicate,
A rare particle,
As soft as a maiden’s gaze
On her lover.

Sweet, never too succulent,
Always closing in
On Beauty.

I am originally from NJ.  I am a poet and graduate from Mills College with a degree in Creative Writing.  I have a passion for poetry and love to share purposeful art with others.  I live in SF currently with my partner Haji and dog Aly.  Attached is one of my poems.  My blog is adiamondtoremember.wordpress.com.

If you would like to have your work published in The Poetry Bar send your poem, a few words about yourself and the link to your blog and Instagram (if you have one) to the e-mail poetrybar1@gmail.com

6 thoughts on “A Thing of Beauty

  1. Very nice love the imagery.

  2. Beautifully expressed. Lovely poem!

  3. Very well described 🙌🏽🙌🏽

  4. Beautiful poem! Thank you!

  5. A delicate, yet powerful pen..

  6. Lovely poem!

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