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The best way to know
That something is over
Is when a tear finds
Its way out

For nothing outside us
Can ever make it possible.
Only what is within us
Can free us

There is no point
In expecting a new life
From something that died
Awaiting our acceptance

The best way to let go
Is to cry it over.
For only that will give us
The closure we badly seek

No one is going to judge you for calling a spade a spade.
They who do don’t really matter.
So go on and cry your heart out. Just let it go.

It took me years to come to terms with who I had always been. Now I want the whole world to know that. Currently, I am a struggling author, eagerly waiting for my first novel to be published. Blog:

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15 replies on “Closure”

I really liked this piece, and it’s O, so true! I often find that I can’t cry for something that I don’t want to end, even though it has, simply because crying is acceptance. Thank you for sharing.

Tears are an entity or an urge to explore. Letting go is not associated with tears at all. The phenomenon to get over with or forget the past is deeply within the soul. Tears are the gate keepers of the storms that rise from your heart.

When we are young (I think that was about a century ago for me) we really do find emotions are such that crying is often the only sensible release, followed by sharing and then moving on. As we age I think we also carry with us the benefits of those experiences and we cry less often 🙂 Except of course when our children move out, or bring the first grandchild and you find ‘tears of joy’ 🙂

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