Poetry Bar submissions

Guys we are close to 3000 followers and you all are just not sending submissions in for The Poetry Bar. Oh, no, no, no! We can’t let our bar run out of business. Let’s review the rules one more time and lets fill our inbox with poems and your faces with happiness as you send in your works!

  1. Send in a poem to poetrybar1@gmail.com
  2. Write a few words about yourself (so that people could get to know you)
  3. Put the link to your blog (so that people could come to your blog, read more of your works, follow you and it will help you gain some exposure)
  4. Put a link to your Instagram profile so that I could tag you when I publish your work on The Poetry Bar Instagram page

Can’t wait to read your lovely works!

Sending love and positive vibes,

9 thoughts on “Poetry Bar submissions

  1. I enjoy what you’ve brought to this platform

  2. Your ‘bussines’ should be spelt business!

    1. Thank you for noticing. I have corrected it

  3. Can I send a poem that I didn’t write?

    1. Unfortunately, no. The Poetry Bar only accepts original works so make sure to send something you wrote yourself. I am looking forward to your email

      Sending love and positive vibes,

  4. Hi there Luna – Congratulations!! What a blessing. I am sorry I couldn’t send something sooner but have a sick dog. So truly happy for you. I don’t have an Instagram account but I did send a post and my link to my site with a few words. I would be dancing all night with that many followers! May God continue to bless your writing and your life. Happy writing. Joni

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