For years we built our ship of glory,
Riches grand tales and heroic stories.
Plank by plank we toiled as the power of our little ship grew,
Great fondness for our passion the miserable sea failed to foil.
Ready to stay afloat no matter where the tide blew us,
Our dreams evolving alongside fantastically as our vessel became born.
Maritime cheers as the sails at last signaled destiny’s dawn,
Pride and petty arrogance blooming as the cyclical layman gazed scornfully on.

They called us fools,
All this effort to try and escape the known world’s rules.
Little did we care for their cynicism well-spooled,
For our ship was a marvel that riddled around the average folks’ pool.
Then suddenly the most enlightened became malignant,
His passion insignificant in saving his fate from that of a mere figment.
As his pigment turned pale our’s turned grey with sorrow,
Though our inspiration faltered we vowed to continue further onward.

But the world of man would not allow it,
Our corner of the universe an unbalanced powderkeg for which we would all suffer.
In an instant the ocean became a fiery fountain,
The deepest abyss suddenly existing as the tallest mountain.
Our ship of hope became less,
Obliterated our dreams along with all of the world’s rest.
As we watched the moon turn into a dragon,
Breathing ironic karma down from the darkened heavens,
Our ships irreverence doomed the same as those never taking off their life jackets.

My name is Andrew Hatt, and I live in Oakland, California. I’m originally from Michigan, and moved to pursue a career in environmental policy. In my spare time, I run Backyard Collusions, a creative writing/politics/music blog. My passion as a writer is sci-fi/horror fiction. I hope to one day get a novel published! Fingers crossed 🙂
I hope you enjoy!


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  1. Great stuff.
    keep on keeping on.

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