Beautiful Soul

You are the beautiful soul, the being & the core of my life
You are that beautiful creature, disguised to disappear & to hide your naked eyes
You are the true blessing, asking me to look beyond the hue & cry
You are the greatest teacher, spreading wisdom to live & not to die
If you weren’t here, I could’ve never understood the I in you & the zen of daunting sky

Sensitive, sensible, sweet, strong & so intense
If the things aren’t the way you intend
You get too high & often very tensed
You feel all alone & your world starts getting too dense
I can sense the fire inside you when you’re about to loose your dance
All I want is to hug you in this crazy presence
Hold you tight in my arms & connect with you at the deeper frequence
I’ll walk with you on that string in search of fine balance
You are the sun – the intense verse of U.N.I.verse

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