Tea Granny

She lost him last year
Seventy one he was
In their decades,
he brought her tea to her chair,
two, three, four times a night.
“Are you bottomless?” he would say.
She would smile,
because she knew he would bring it anyway.

Yard sales were their favourite haunt,
and he would always pick up some foolish trinket
to add to her dusty collection.
She would feign annoyance,
but would have him build another shelf when needed.

They were good together, and their money was enough.
But no more.
Behind in the rent,
she was turned out of their neat little apartment.
Welfare led her to this forlorn hallway
with a door that would not lock,
a peephole without a peeper.
A one person kitchen.
A hotplate.
A rollaway bed.
Cracked walls and peeling paper.

Her collection? Thrown away in tears.
Except the one thing he had bought her
that she never had put on display.
A dainty painted teapot you could plug in
as a night light.

Tonight, she does that.
Just above her old kettle and once-white cup.
It dispels the greyness.
She remembers him, and she cries.

Hello, I am Lee Dunn. Working stiff (retired).  Avid reader, dreamer, and searcher. I write some eclectic poetry, prose, personal stories, and fiction. Have had work published in the Shelburne Free Pres And Spillwords Press. I blog on WordPress at https://secret-lifeof.com/

If you would like to have your work published in The Poetry Bar send your poem, a few words about yourself and the link to your blog and Instagram (if you have one) to the e-mail poetrybar1@gmail.com

8 thoughts on “Tea Granny

  1. Hi, Lee. Happy Tuesday. Many thanks for sharing such a well penned poem. A sad tale beautifully and sensitively told. Have reblogged. Have a wonderful day. Goff

    1. Thanks so much, Goff

      1. Pleasure. Best Wishes. Goff

  2. This is a lovely story, so nicely written. A bit harsh. But with much love shared.

  3. Sadly beautiful…brought a tear to my eye.

  4. so tragic, lovely beginnings and difficult ends. life is surprising

  5. My favorite part of my day is my grandmother’s tea (daadī kī chaī in Urdu) in the morning after I wake up. Always makes sure my day can start off on a good note.

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