We spend years trying to find home,
But pray tell, what is your home?
Is it a simple abode?
Or is it the place your mind feels slowed?

We search and search in vain,
Every place seems to lead to material gain.
The family house was stifling,
And soon your solitary dorm was frightening.

You hunt and you roam
But pray tell, what is your home?
Is it the silent place you grieve?
Or the dreams you were forced to leave?

So what are you celebrating this homecoming?
What leaves your heartstrings thrumming?
Home cooked food on the dinner table?
Or a retro restaurant with a stable?

Maybe words aren’t so monochrome,
For just a building cannot make you at home.
We’ve jumped cities,
We’re sick of the world’s mediocrities

So what are you celebrating this homecoming?
What sorrows are you numbing?
Maybe it is time you find you home
Before this lost poison brings your mouth to foam.

Why do you seem so lost?
Your home isn’t at that big a cost.
For you see it every day.
At every reflective surface it crosses your way.

This isn’t a revelation,
It is a part of your soul demanding liberation.
For you location will never be the same,
It is just the way your mind wins it’s game.

You can travel all around the world,
Stare at the hazy city lights till your eyes seem blurred.
But at the end of your hunt,
You’ll have a hundred places ,all blunt.

You don’t need to cross the seven seas
Your home is right here, if you please.
It stares right back at you through the mirror,
Trapped under this foggy haze, it seems to get clearer.

So what are you celebrating this homecoming?
What tunes of self-love are you humming?
It is finally time to end this storm,
When, pray tell, are you coming home?

My name is Samreen Abbas, I’m a 20 year old girl. I love writing, I find it gives me alot of peace and release. I hope to bring emotion and joy into this world through my words.
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5 thoughts on “HOMECOMING

  1. It`s a very nice writing. To come home, means surely a lot and for every people a special feeling.
    To come home is often a feeling of security, a mature goal where we in ourselves have found some comfort, something to lean to. For some people a religious aspect and I am not a religious person so to me it means that I have found myself, my inner core, my place on this earth, feeling calm and relaxing and secure in what I am doing. Never having a question about other people`s thoughts. Cause I am the most important person in my life and I am the one ruling it. Take good care of yourself and you will find your homeplace.

    1. Thank you! This is what I was trying to convey as well. I really appreciate your feedback 😊

  2. For years I firmly believed the home was where I was brought up as a child and an unruly teenager. Then, growing older, the home became wherever I lived, wherever home was made. Now, in the ancient phase of life, the concept of home is becoming spiritual, almost a seeking to find a home with Him (or Her or whatever) 🙂 🙂

    1. Yes! I think it’s but natural to start to feel that considering we move around so much in our lives. Thank you for taking the time out to read and appreciate my work. I hope you’ve liked it 😊

  3. Home is where you lay your head and hang your hat. I could also say it’s where your tribe is whether it be by blood or by friendship. Home is something everyone needs.

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