Positivity Press #29

Hello everyone!

I realized we haven’t posted much lately in The Positivity Press so I decided to do a post today. This week my positive story doesn’t have such a nice beginning. It actually starts by me getting really disappointed in someone. I got attached to a certain person and then all of the sudden it was just gone. I was angry, furious at everyone, including myself. And then I just took a deep breath last night and told myself that there’s a reason.

No matter what happens, what situation gets twisted around, who do we lose – it’s just making place for something else, something better. The rough period is something we all have to go through every now and then but we need to let go of the rage and the desire to desperately trying to find answers. We need to turn that “Why” into a red carpet for the better that’s coming to us in life. What’s meant for you will find its way to you and nothing can stop it. Just trust yourself more, trust your gut feeling and always keep in mind that difficult situations are just sent to us to get stronger and strive for more. It’s kind of the universe’s way to say “Nah, bigger”.


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2 thoughts on “Positivity Press #29

  1. wow, such a beautiful message…. you made my day!! 😊😊

    1. I am glad to hear that!

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