The red jumpsuit

What’s up my beloved followers? What are you doing this weekend?

I am chilling this Saturday and tomorrow I am going with my mommy to see my grandma and my family. Today I published on IG this outfit that I wore to my friend’s wedding. I fell in love with it when I saw it in a shop and just had to buy it but… I had a little accident during the wedding.

So there I was in my new, red jumpsuit having fun. I got to the dancefloor, the music was great and then all of the sudden I just felt my mother literally grabbing my ass and whispering in my ear that my jumpsuit ripped.

That’s right. The jumpsuit has a very long zip on the back and right underneath my zip and above my ass the jumpsuit ripped. The problem with the hole was that it was just getting bigger. That sounded wrong, but you know what I wanted to say.

I had to leave the wedding and go to my apartment and change clothes. I laughed the whole situation off and still had a blast at the wedding. There you have it, the story about this jumpsuit. And hell yeah, I’m taking it to the tailor to fix all the seams, just in case!

12 thoughts on “The red jumpsuit

  1. Hey Luna,
    What is it with the area around the zipper? Within the past two months, the zipper broke on my pants three times. Luckily, one day my shirt was long enough to cover it. I wasn’t even close to home to change. The other two times, well, I guess you can use your imagination. Good post.

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  2. Love the attitude! The same thing kinda happened to my sister at her wedding. Luckily the hairdresser was also a seamstress, sewed her dress right up…but, at the end of the night she had a real problem. She couldn’t get out of the dress!! She was able to laugh about it the next day…


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