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I drop pieces of me like breadcrumbs for him to follow. I think it rude of him the brevity of his stare. He will know what I mean when he reads it. This secret mystery of the heart will always call to him. He’s such a careful romantic, walking on the edge of fate, the precipice of love, and daring himself to fall, while making sure to focus, and plan with a skill that falling would be almost impossible.

I drop pieces of me like breadcrumbs, as I lay in his arms. I swear I’m thinking of something. I’m listening as he talks really I am; its not that I’m reveling. Drunk in his smell, the feel of skin. Always just the feel of his skin, his palms roving over my curves my soft hills, and buxom crevices, I moan, nauseous from the pleasure that invades my body.

How the hell does he expect me to think. In linear thought, as time is known to us, I cannot. I can only feel him, where he is, where he’s been, where to next on the paradise of my body. He makes me feel like a coveted island, longing to be explored.

I’m so weak, so weak, I feel strong and confident and immovable; a veritable monolithic symbol of us. Of joy of possibility, of gushy mushy-ness that will never fade. Of held back tomorrows, of doubts pushed down. Of hope, pure innocent hope, to never hurt again. A spell of goodwill, banish all dark clouds, let the risk of diving into the deep end reward me.

My name is Juanita Collins. I’m 37 and I live in St. Lucia in the Caribbean. I have self published two books on Amazon. A creative writing journal called Inspire and a poetry ebook called Love’s Fool. I have a blog on WordPress: Butterfly Obsession. Links are below.

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My life

Gratitude Alert

So this will be something like story time with Luna. Today I visited my grandmother, she lives near Zagreb and my mommy was also there. After finishing lunch, hanging out a bit with my family, me and my mom had to go to catch a train back home.

The train station is walking distance from my grandma’s home so we walked and after some time, before us there was a man and a little girl which was his daughter and they were clearly very poor and were begging from house to house for food and old stuff they could sell or old iron. They had like a little cart loaded with all stuff they gathered from different homes and they took a break because the girl was thirsty. The father opened this juice for her to drink and then we crossed paths with them. The girl returned the juice to her father and she said Good Day to me and my mom and wished us a Merry Christmas. My heart broke at that point.

It’s nothing unusual to see a scene like that in Zagreb where people beg for money and food but something about this little girl was just breaking my heart. It’s always cold in Croatia during December and I was really happy to see that she was well dressed during this cold day. She had boots, a hat, a thick jacket so at least she wasn’t cold. I honestly wondered if they had a place to sleep.

After a few steps the girl talked to us again a bit and then she and her father went on. She was happily jumping and skipping next to her father as he was pushing the heavy cart filled with stuff. The girl started singing We wish you a Merry Christmas and her father joined her. My heart was breaking for them but the sight of them being happy with what they had and singing together on the street just made me feel…something. I can’t put a finger on it or describe it with a word. It was like a general, pure, not corrupted feeling of being in the presence of pure gratitude. I honestly hope they have a warm place to sleep in.

Now we fast forward a bit to me and my mom arriving to the train station in Zagreb. We stopped at a shop to get some water and then we went to the station. There was a woman with a suitcase, a big bag, a dog she was holding on a leash which was tied to her wrist and her baby was in a special seat that resembled a child’s car seat (to give you a better description). As my mom and I were approaching the station I observed that woman for a second and realized she was looking around, not paying attention to her child. The child leaned towards her, extended her arms for her mom to hold her and the baby girl fell out of the seat and, thank God, landed on her feet and not her head. I just stopped walking and stared at that event. I could not believe my eyes. The child wasn’t hurt, I understand that children fall a lot, especially before they start walking, but this girl fell because her mother was not paying attention to her. I do not believe that a parent can have his focus on a child 24/7 but this baby was in a seat and was NOT TIED IN ANY WAY OR SECURED IN THE SEAT and her mother was not paying attention to her. The girl of course proceeded to cry loudly.

I observed her mother for a while after. She put the baby girl on the ground and the baby was holding to the seat while the dog was running around her. The child could clearly not stand straight and she was craving her mother’s attention. All she did was extend her arms to her mom wanting to be held. I felt this sudden urge to go and take the child and hold her in my hands but I knew that well… that is not really socially acceptable and that her mother would kill me. She then proceeded to put the baby on the train station bench, she gave her a cookie, the dog was also taking bites out of that cookie and started to jump all over the girl’s feet which didn’t look very safe since a child cannot hold her stability while sitting. Her mother seemed very annoyed and frustrated as if her child was a great inconvenience for her. That whole scene just made me so angry and then it made me remember the girl I saw just half an hour prior to that event.

I spent my ride back to my apartment just trying to wrap my mind about the two events I witnessed today. How can someone clearly live in great struggle and go singing down the street, while someone else who clearly has a lot in life can behave as that mother did. She didn’t look as if she was going to beg for money or food. Since she had a suitcase, a child in a special seat and was well dress I am assuming she has a warm home and food on the table. How? Just how?

It made me think about all of the things I personally own which I take for granted and do not realize how incredibly lucky I am to have these things. This day was just a big red gratitude alert and I wanted to share it with you all. I think that every now and then we need to be reminded of how blessed we are

Hope this wasn’t a boring post for you guys.

Sending love and positive vibes,


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The Flip Side of the Snake (Venomous Eulogy)

Sometimes I try to wrap my head around the fact that you spit vitriol venom on the daily on my young impressionable mind, and that shit sticks in the deep recesses of my thoughts, but Mom’s openness far outweighs a larger percentage of my sense of self. Words of hate I don’t use nor want to use or to write, so I won’t.

That was your beef.

Although that one fight when you said you hated Mom’s People (The Syrians) and were proud to be Aryan!, but straight up ? I think there was not just German but Jewish in your heritage….but I’ll never know, now.

I can respect your decision to break the cycle of violence that you and your brother suffered from your Dad & Step Mom but why was it so hard to go full circle ? Why when my brother picked on me did you feel the need to join in ? To fuel the flame ?

Those bizarre needs to pretend to throw me into a creek or over a bridge, that personal derision of constantly calling me “Little Shirl” ? I sometimes wonder why the hell you and Mom married in the first place or why divorce as opposed to death was never on the table.

When on Mom’s burial day, I grew weak in the knees and you approached me with a comfort hug and I PUSHED you away.

There was a lot of distrust and anger prior to February 7th, 2002. After that day, I tried my damndest to put up steel wall’s but at best they were only aluminum.

And the distance grew at great lengths.

But there was resolve. And now you’re but a memory. The depression is there minus the anxiety, but my mind is clear. Far more clear than the dark cloud that loomed from 2002-2010.

This is just another day.

Yet a more peaceful, day.

Matt Snyder has been writing and doing all things in the arts probably all of his 49 years. He has been actively involved in the Lehigh Valley arts scene since 1988. He’s had work published in various small press publications in the ’90’s, food, music and artistic reviews for local newspapers and publications, written for the film & stage and slammed his poetry at both Mayfair festival of the arts and with Red Sun productions at Touchstone Theater in the aughts. He can currently be found blogging at :


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How to kill a dragon by cleaning up your room

Getting a haircut is a pretty basic thing to most people. It really depends on the individual but most visit their barber or hair stylist once a month. My hair grows so fast that I should actually see him twice a month and I’m not counting my beard yet.

Anyways, here I am again sitting on the side, waiting for my turn to get the lawn mowed. Most people listen to music or text someone. Waiting is annoying and a waste of time but hell, you’re waiting for something you need and what else would you do? I however, actually learned to enjoy it. It’s extra time to rest and to think or just to take a break from running back and forth and constantly trying to get things done while screwing up and going from one meltdown to another.
Yeah, a few extra minutes to catch some breath are not bad at all.

But what I found particularly interesting is to watch people and the things that unfold around me as I sit there wasting time and being useless. Really, when you take the earbuds out and put your phone away for one damn minute you will be surprised how much you miss when you don’t pay attention to your surroundings.
The owner of the barber-shop, Engin, has recently hired a new trainee. Knowing his impulsive behavior, I was wondering how that would work out because the trainee is someone I would generally call a gentle giant. He was twice the size of him (both in height and width) and a rather passive type of guy. Engaging in conversations with customers and asking them to leave a review while cheerfully joking around with them was probably the last thing he would naturally do. The problem was though.. this is exactly what his boss expected from him.

It didn’t take long until the lady that also worked there – probably his wife, it’s hard to tell sometimes – started getting annoyed and telling him to leave the boy alone for a minute. Apparently this was already going on all day and Engin got pretty worked up because his trainee wasn’t really magically transforming into an extrovert after drowning him in lectures about customers and haircuts for several hours. Who would have thought.
The interesting thing about this though, he was still right. He had his facts and lessons straight and delivered properly his information would have not only sticked, his trainee would start being curious to learn more instead of continuously rolling his eyes and making even more mistakes because he is being distracted constantly by his passive-aggressive boss who buzzes around his head like a fly on cocaine.

I found it particularly interesting because if you think about it: This is the same thing we do with ourselves when something is not going right in our lives, it’s our fault and we try to talk sense into ourselves.
You should really quit smoking.
You should stop drinking.
You should eat less crap.
You should get a degree.
You should find a better job.
You should get rid of that guy that’s been using you.
You should clean out the basement.
I could literally go on like this all day and 5% to none of that will happen within a day, a week or even a month of telling that yourself. Why?
Because it’s hard. It’s tough and annoying and we don’t have time and we’re low on sleep and energy and we have shit to do and we can’t afford it or literally any excuse which is not far enough out of reach right now. And hell, it is tough and not an easy job to do at all. Otherwise we would have done it long ago. And we hit ourselves with all of it like Engin with his trainee, constantly and it’s just way too much to handle at once – not to mention actually doing it.
It’s a big bad dragon sitting in that cave, sleeping on that treasure you really want but well, there’s a dragon and it will probably fry up your butt and that’s the end of you.

But what if I told you that you don’t necessarily need to go out into the Unknown, armed with a paper plate and a plastic fork to fight a dragon that will probably use you as a toothpick. You don’t need to.
Not only because it’s a stupid idea but also because you’re simply not ready to take on the entire dragon at once from zero. Why don’t you just start out in your own little dungeon instead? How about your room?
First, your room is known territory. It’s where you live, sleep, eat and watch stupid shows on Netflix. It’s known, or what we would ironically call “order”. But the thing is, sometimes it’s far from anything remotely close to order. You might be a conscientious and orderly person and more power to you if you don’t deal with struggling to remain things in order all the time but I’m pretty bloody sure that most people do, especially working full time jobs with kids and other business to attend to in between.

So your room basically represents it’s own little micro-cosmos filled with your ideas, your work, the things you enjoy and a massive load of stuff that you should get rid of or at least get out of the way. You spend a lot of time in this place, you sleep there and the impression that it leaves on you is far more significant than you think. It’s in your face every morning and every night, the things in there are tied to memories and plans, to chores and responsibility and to rest and coziness. Wouldn’t you think that this little realm of yours, the sanctuary of your mind, your own little world should be a place you enjoy spending time in? Without loads of laundry staring  at you from the corner of your bed and rubbish poking you in the back wherever you try to sit on? Without layers of paperwork clogging your mind as soon as you enter the room because believe me, this is the first things you see when you enter the room and there is still stuff laying around you need to attend to. And yes, you might be good at ignoring it and banning it into the corner of your head so it’s not in your face all the time. Good job.
But it’s still there, isn’t it? And it is always making you feel uncomfortable in some way whenever you remember that it’s there.

Why don’t you just start there? Cleaning up your room is considerably easier than you think it is. Throwing things out you no longer need feels amazing and liberating in some sense. Getting laundry folded and put away or even doing it in the first place rewards you with fresh clothes (that smell great by the way) and a lot more room for you and the things you like. And you’d surprised how much space your room has once all the things are put away or gotten rid of which are not where they belong.
And the best part: It’s easy and it makes a massive difference in how you feel about your life whenever you enter your room. You feel more in control again and the space you just gained is roughly equivalent with space for thoughts and ideas and good things in your mind because it’s not occupied with chores and a mess anymore.
And from there, it’s an easy step to the next thing you should take care of. Now you have more room and mental capacity to progress further and you might even figure out other problems while cleaning up because you might find lost paperwork again or come up with an idea how to solve a problem. And once you’re in that loop of progress you can use this momentum to try to tackle more issues and solving them one after another.

So when you finally reach that dragon you’ve been dealing with for so long and you will most likely notice one thing: it’s not that damn large anymore and by far not as scary as you pictured it to be at first. With every small thing you took care of along your way the dragon shrunk a bit and you got a bit stronger, wiser and more confident. You leveled up in some way. And I’m not saying that it won’t put up a fight still. Damn, some things are hard to get under control. Sometimes so hard that people still fail and need to try it several times. But the chances that you are gonna defeat that thing are considerably better if there are no other things in your life weighing you down and weakening you.
And eventually, you will stop smoking or drinking. You will pay attention to your diet and break up with your douche bag boyfriend and enroll into college and find a job that doesn’t slowly kill you while starving you to death. Or whatever it is that used to be too damn hard to consider doing. You will slay that damn dragon.
But first, you should clean up your room. 🙂



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2017 tried to break me

2017 has come to an end, I just want to take a moment to let you know, for me this is how it’s been.

A couple of resolutions that I finally made my priority, when I put my mind to something, then you know that it isn’t a maybe but a 100% guarantee. I have worked my ass off (quite literally) to be the best possible version of me I can be. I have won some, lost some but I continue to start each day with a fresh perspective, renewed purpose and try again. I’m still proud of the better me, that I strive each day to be.

My physical health was one of those top priorities and I’m happy to report that there’s a much healthier and smaller version of me going into 2018. It’s astonishing the difference a few pounds can have on so many things. I found an amazing gym family that always sets their focus on empowering women, positive vibes, inspiring, the beauty in each member and lots of dancing, laughing, booty werk and all the sillyness that fits me perfectly.

Unfortunately I did have a few health issues that required 3 emergency surgeries and I’m still recovering from the last one. I pray it gets better and don’t lose my sight permanently.

Another focus was to dig down deep in order to sit with my anger, pain, and finally talk about some of the broken pieces that have been hidden inside for an eternity. While that has taken a toll on some relationships, finally calling someone out on their bullshit was quite therapeutic for me.

I shouldn’t have been so surprised when you waited until no one was around in order to spew all that hatred and completely obliterate every part of me but at the end of the day, you will forever stay stuck with only the memories and the knowledge that you will never again hear from me. Continue to twist the words for sympathy, turn others againist me, but please remember I know who you really are since those evil pieces were inherited by me. The difference is I turn it inward instead of using it as arsenal againist those I call family. I’ll be the scapegoat of your pretend fairytale family since you’ve paid such close attention to convince others and have a real talent for re-writing the truth out of actual history. I’m the one covered in the physical and mental scars of your choices, your mistakes, your neglect so there is no lying to me.

My little Sky bear, a true gift from God, has absolutely grown into the most perfect guy and I cherish his love, laughter and all the sweetness he shows me. I am so proud of him in so many ways, his heart, his intelligence, his strength, his ambition, his complete acceptance and the many things he has taught me. I adore his morning hugs and cuddles and the fact that I get to be his Mom, his safe place and I love him 100% unconditionally.

I’ve experienced some amazing success, loss, heartbreak but still was able to find my inner peace. I have laughed so hard that I could barely breathe. I’ve cried so hard all I could do was fall to the floor and beg God for his loving mercy.

In some of my darkest hours I found myself completely alone, I know I’m a complex person but just needed the same love and support in return that I have always shown. I’ve given up control of a few things in order to better focus my energy on those most important to me. I have realized that there is a very small number of people in this entire world that I can depend on if I’m in an emergency, go to for advice, won’t judge or share my words and accepts my crazy, silly, loud, broken and all the sharp edges that makeup the pieces that are me.

Thanks to the devastation from hurricane Harvey, I’ve lived through some terrifying and stressful moments that still continue. When you see your whole life floating under water it is a new sadness that I didn’t want to know. Trying to rebuild this house isn’t an easy task and it still doesn’t have the same warm feeling as the place I use to call my home.

We are no closer to being finished as we were a month ago, in fact the only things accomplished so far are new walls, partial flooring, and some doors half done so a long road ahead until I can finally say we are done.

Water has always been my safe place, something that provided comfort but now the rain brings back those memories of quite desperation and the fear of the unknown.

The kindness of a few people, mostly complete strangers, fed my family, provided necessities, even helped with demo when there was no one else who was here to help my family. It was a surreal feeling not knowing how I would fed my family, we were stuck, no vehicles, no kitchen, no frig or freezer so only some pantry items that didn’t get ruined and I didn’t eat for days to ensure my guys had enough because that’s what was most important to me.

Thanksgiving day came & went, we had chips & dips and went driving around since I finally had a car again to get out of the house and see some preblack Friday deals. I truly felt like a failure as a mom since that is never the thanksgiving memory I wanted him to have but couldn’t prepare him a big feast and with no invites for dinner I did the best I could with what I had.

I hope and pray that 2018 is a more joyful year and that we are able to put all the missing & broken pieces together and re-direct our focus on the hopes, dreams and make many happy memories that will bring smiles to my little family because that is what I hold close to my heart and their happiness is most important to me.


Some days a domestic goddess, and other days a lost woman that still hasn’t bothered to brush her hair. My journey is full of life’s whimsical tales, love, laughter, heartache, trauma, passion, fantasy and everything in between.   My writing is raw, sometimes too raw but I write it anyways, it’s my truth, my voice and I will share it. I’ve been described as honest, even complicated and have a whole lot of sassy undertones, so things get interesting,  even comical at times.

Glad you are here and hope you enjoy reading my thoughts, stories and poems, as much as I enjoyed writing them!


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Question of Perspective

I can feel the weight of Emma inside of me. It’s evenly distributed, but heavy nonetheless. To be honest it’s a comfort, an early sign of what’s to come. The weight of her body lets me know that it’s nearly time to go home. Or as close to home as possible.

Emma’s family came to visit yesterday. I must admit I was very nervous for their arrival as I wasn’t sure whether these people were coming for another round of chopping, cutting, scraping and colouring. I was relieved to find out they only came to see Emma. Though her mother did mention how beautiful I was, she was the only one to acknowledge me at all. The rest of her family members seemed to look through me, as if I were invisible. However, I refused to allow their negativity to burden me further. It was the likes of them that brought me here and made me what I am today. I didn’t ask for this.

Emma and I were left to get acquainted in a small room of which boasted soft glowing candles and colourful windows. That was until we were transported to an even smaller room that moved, just after flowers had been placed on top of us by sullen men in matching suits. I saw other moving rooms as we made our way to a large field with a stone house in the centre. I spot Emma’s mum and her red eyes fill with tears as soon as she notices our arrival. She turns her back and cries into the shoulder of a man I’ve never seen before. He certainly wasn’t there yesterday with the rest of the family. He is very tall, thin and gaunt. His presence unnerves me for reasons I can’t explain.

“Why is she crying? Why does everyone look so… Red?” I say to Emma.

Silence. I admit defeat and promise myself not to dwell on it. Today is my day and she can’t ruin it for me. Even if we are being forced to spend the foreseeable future together, they do say time is a healer.

After another wait in a long room that was packed with red faced people, we are finally brought back into the field. The men who are holding us are big and strong, not dissimilar to the first men I ever met not too long ago. I notice everyone looking at me as Emma and I were placed at the front of the room. Some people placed trembling hands on me, while others simply stared. It is hard to enjoy the attention when the atmosphere feels thick with despair and swirling with sadness. After what felt like an age, Emma and I were finally positioned to be lowered into the ground.

“Earth you are, and to earth you will return,” says the man who is sprinkling a rain-like substance on top of us. Oh, how I’ve missed the rain. If only my roots were still intact, perhaps I could have quenched this dry thirst. I still feel Emma’s weight on top of me, but then I finally feel the cool earth underneath me. I take the opportunity to revel in the familiarity of the earth and find myself holding Emma closer. I think myself to be luckier than most. Some never get the opportunity to be as close to home as this.

“I know it must be hard to leave your family and friends, but I’m going to help you return to the Earth. That way, you will always be near them.”

Written by:


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Guess what!? We got 4k followers!!!!

And you know the time has come for a new Guest Post category. I decided to stay in my lane with this one, this is again for my fellow writers and it’s called Post Prose.

The title says it all. You just need to send your story, short story, a part of the book you’re writing etc. with a few words about yourself and the link to your blog to I am not creating a new e-mail address for this one, because I have like 6 of them so let’s see what you have to show the world. Can’t wait to read all of your beautiful stories. I actually got this idea because some of you sent some prose works for The Poetry Bar and I decided it was time to start posting them. I think I got two already saved for publication.

Now, make my inbox filled with your submission.

Thank you for everything!

Sending love and positive vibes,


My life

No sleep hangover

I have the worst hangover of my life and I didn’t even drink this weekend. I spent two days in a rented out room because, due to my job and a shift until 11 PM, I had no way of getting back home from Zagreb on Friday and Saturday and I didn’t sleep for the last two nights. Let me tell you all about it.

Since I am not really the one to spend massive amounts of money on a room to sleep in because of my job I took one of the affordable, but still nice rooms. Well, considering the room I was in it wasn’t nice and due to it not being nice it was also not affordable since the room wasn’t worth the money.

It seemed way better on pictures (as always). I arrived to that building, got to the third floor and there was a woman that showed me to my room. The whole floor was filled with rooms which were being rented out. She showed me where to turn on the air conditioning and she wasn’t quite as friendly as you’d expect a host to be and then she told me that, since I paid in advance, I can just leave the card in room when I leave and that there was no need for a checkout process. Then she took my ID and TOOK PICTURES OF IT which, speaking from experience because I worked as a receptionist, is not allowed without consent and she didn’t ask and took 20 kunas for the tax for staying in the room. I never got a receipt for that. Everything was so weird but I was like okay, it’s just two days.

When she left I scanned the room a bit. The sheets on the bed were a bit rough but I wasn’t complaining and then I entered the little bathroom every room has. The smell. Guys that smell. The bathroom itself was visibly cleaned but I honestly hope someone will tell the owners to take the fucking shower curtain and wash it.

I couldn’t fall asleep at all these two night in that room. The pillow was awful. I tried to fold it in many different ways to give some support to my head while sleeping but it was like made out of cotton candy. You can bet your ass my back is hurting. My nights were filled with rolling around the bed, playing music to help me fall asleep and in the end watching Shadowhunters because sleep wasn’t happening. I checked out this morning and came to Zabok absolutely exhausted and took a good 2-hour nap to feel like myself again.

But it’s not all negative. I talked to a girl that’s looking for a roommate. She said I am the first one on the list to see the apartment and that she already prefers me over the other people who applied for the room. I guess all off your good wishes produced this miracle to happen because finally someone wants to give me a place to live in Zagreb! I am not getting my hopes up or anything because I don’t want to be disappointed in the end but I still wanted to share the good news with you. Okay… I wrote a lot in this post. Time to goooo. Thank you so much for being so positive and sending your good wishes on my last post.

Sending love and positive vibes,


The Positivity Press

Positivity Press #50

It happened shortly after we were married. My wife and I were out driving one day when something caused us to pull off to the side of the road.

We stopped for a few minutes and as we started driving off again we looked each other in the eye and made a promise to each other to never NOT do what we had just done.

And 33 years later, we’ve managed to keep that promise.

So what exactly could have caused us to pull off the road that day that led us to making such a lifetime commitment?

A kid’s lemonade stand, of course!


We had just been married a couple of weeks, and we were driving around trying to get familiar with our new neighborhood. We noticed that a couple of kids had set up a classic lemonade stand on the corner. They had a homemade posterboard advertising the business and a small table with a pitcher of lemonade and some dixie cups beside it.

My wife suggested that we stop, and I still remember how excited the kids were that someone was stopping to buy their lemonade. We bought two cups, left a generous tip (probably a quarter), and as we drove away, we couldn’t stop talking about how such a simple transaction could make someone feel so happy. And we weren’t talking about the kids, we were talking about ourselves. (The kids selling the lemonade seemed pretty happy too 🙂 )

So it was right then and there that we made a pledge to each other that we would ALWAYS stop at a kid’s lemonade stand whenever we saw one, and I think we’ve held true to that promise.

In fact, what inspired this post is the fact that I stopped at a lemonade stand today. It was an easy one to stop at; it was on a quiet street, and it was set-up on the side that I was driving. That’s not always the case; over the years we’ve done u-turns and crossed four lane highways just to get a cup of lemonade and keep our promise to each other.

I also think that over the years I’ve grown to appreciate lemonade stands even more.

To me, it’s a tradition that reminds me of simpler times. Kids are outside with their friends; there’s no electronic gadgets necessary to sell lemonade; kids are doing it because they want to, no one is forcing them to do this; kids get excited when you leave a tip, no matter the size of the tip.

I’ve also gotten more sophisticated over the years in the questions I ask these budding entrepreneurs. It used to be simple questions like “Are you having fun?” or “Is this your first time to sell lemonade?” Now I ask them if they know what their profit margin is on each cup, if they’ve calculated the cost of acquiring a customer, if they’ve tried split testing different marketing approaches, if they plan to expand to other neighborhoods, if they’ve considered franchising, if they have an exit plan, or if they’ve thought about an IPO someday.

Of course my wife just tells me to be quiet, and to leave a big tip.

Our own kids even would set up the occasional lemonade stand. They really hit the jackpot when they discovered how popular a lemonade stand would be at Villanova University on move-in day. They would make enough that one day to not worry about having another lemonade stand until next year’s move in day. Of course, like any good business idea, other kids started to do the same thing, and then it got so out of control that the local police had to shut down the stands. As an interesting side note, one of the stands shut down was being run by a couple of Andy Reid’s sons. Reid was the coach of the Philadelphia Eagles at the time.

And who knows what great things could be accomplished using the simple idea of a lemonade stand.

Alexandra “Alex” Flynn Scott was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a pediatric cancer, two days before her first birthday. In July 2000, in spite of her own failing health, she decided to open a lemonade stand, aided by her older brother, to raise money to help children with cancer. They held an annual “Alex’s Lemonade Stand for Childhood Cancer” on the family’s front lawn. Her first lemonade stand raised over $2,000 and turned into an annual tradition.

In 2004, Alex passed away at the age of eight at her house with her parents at her side. By that time, her stand and inspiration had raised more than $1 million toward finding a cure for the disease that took her life.

Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation was started by her parents in 2005 to continue the work that Alex began. Since Alex set up her first lemonade stand in 2000, the Foundation has raised more than $100 million.

So the next time you see a lemonade stand, please stop and buy a cup. Who knows, you could be funding the next Steve Jobs, helping to find a cure for cancer, or simply making some kid’s day. All those quarters can make a difference, and a happy marriage.



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The Positivity Press

Positivity Press #45

As she began drifting off to sleep
The music filled her ears
Tears filled her eyes Gratitude filled her heart
An awakening for her

The cold dark space brought her such peace and comfort tonight

The time had finally come to release the energy that has been drowning her for so long

She could feel something different tonight and it was the most pure sense of joy and appreciation, something she had never experienced before

It was reminding her, she made it through another day
And this day was no different than those that came before it
But the difference tonight was her

As her body begins to release the tension of the day
She mindfully starts unwinding
Scanning the moments that were a reflection of her day

She was having a good day
Experiencing some genuine moments that made her smile
Some that touched her soul

Some anxiousness but not too extreme and it was manageable

She, again went back to focusing on letting go of the negative and celebrating the positive
A few short cycles of quick breaths
Inhale, exhale
Inhale, exhale
Inhale, exhale
Focusing on her breathing while being aware of her surroundings

Taking a long deep breath in and with the slow release of a cleansing breath out
She sighed deeply to exhale all the toxic energy

Tomorrow she will wake refreshed
She will inhale positivity
She will exhale negativity
She will focus on kindness
She will allow herself to feel the emotions
She will see the good in those that surround her
She will practice patience
She will spend her time mindful of each moment, while offering gratitude for the life she has been given so graciously

Her broken pieces do not define her today or tomorrow
They never have
She is seeing that with clarity now
They are simply a piece of who she is, not the entire picture

She offers gratitude for that today and tomorrow
And all the days that come after that forever more.

She will remember
She is beautifully and wonderfully made
She is talented and accomplished
She is loved
She is thoughtful
She is passionate
She is inspirational
She is intelligent
Because she so is

She is worthy of all life has to offer her
She is breathing in her blessings
She is realizing her value
She is taking control
She is enough
She always was
She just couldn’t see it through the pain




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