If ’twas a citadel

Safer than of the drug lords
Elephant black rocks
All around it.
Inner walls twined with
fine purple linen, Soft and warm.
I’d never be found
Only by Love.
My heart wouldn’t hurt.

Irregular hours for it,
Overflowing with bitterness
Wailing sour fluids through
My veins to where it aches deeply.
Through my skin, sweat
To camouflage my realness

Am in a realm rare to find
Boxed in it with a trail of hope
It takes the resemblance
Of this dark room
Light only shining in my face
From my friend.
It’s heartbreaking to move on
Without assurance
Of the pearl of the citadel
Nature is watching me
So is the sky
And not showing me red or green.

So many just met
At once, the door knocking,
Asking questions loudly
Their echoes louder.
It’s a lot to say,
Is a phrase that usually
Defines the citadel in me
Proofed not at all
Different from the one I wished for
The fence is of human bones.
The fight comes in direct
It’s turned into a war field
Destroying them surroundings.

We’re close to one of the best
The reason mine eyes were
Lucky to see the rose.
It’s always grand to celebrate you.

Am a student at Makerere University business school, follower of Christ Jesus. 22 years, a junior poet and lover of words.
Blog: https://poetrybypaul.wordpress.com/

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2 thoughts on “If ’twas a citadel

  1. A nice, light-heart-sounding poem. Very well put together

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