That’s All it is

We cannot see what we ignore,
To rend unwanted, forced perceive aslay, but happy.
Who are we to blind afar, who are we to judge?
No one’s ever been secluded, no one’s been a null.

Perhaps the most harmless one,
Is the self-destructing, the one,
That keeps on trusting, none of which
Eyes that sees, eyes to switch, to separate,
The nothing, and the self-acclaimed
You wouldn’t know,
You’re never where it counts, it seems.

But I had a vision.
None of which, a dying stream.
A world where friendships never wither
A world where people care for peace.
A world where everyone is equal,

Love, that’s all it is.

I am a beginner, studying in uni writing to develop my skills in Literature which I am passionate about. Check out my blog and feel free to have a chat if you have something to talk about.
The poem is dedicated to pride month.

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4 thoughts on “That’s All it is

  1. We need more poems like this– so thoughtful and speaks truth to my heart.

    1. Special thanks. Really appreciate it

  2. I believe in a world that can be more equal.

  3. Beautiful!
    Yes for love.

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